If you’re from Mississippi, you were raised to uphold the most sacred of all Southern Traditions – you always root for the home team. Well, what’s good for football is also good for insurance, and there’s no home team like Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company.

We’re the second largest provider of auto and homeowner coverage in Mississippi. In a state that goes head-to-head with the worst that nature dishes out, our team is still undefeated. We’ve got highly-trained local agents in every county in Mississippi providing the best in personal service and quick response, able to take care of automobile, homeowners, life, farm liability, farm property, and inland marine policies.

But most importantly, when you sign with Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance, you’re not just rooting for the team, you’re joining the team. Our organization is deeply involved in your community, protecting the interests of families both on and off the farm. And being a member means you’ve got access to some pretty sweet additional benefits.

We’re ready to welcome you to the team. Just remember, when your agent scores you a great discount, it’s probably not okay to dump a cooler over his head in celebration. Got something worth protecting? Wrap it in maroon and white. Wrap it in Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance.